Espresso on wheels

Espresso on wheels

Picture this: you’re walking around the city on a picturesque Vancouver day. Is that the Ride of the Valkyries you hear? Maybe. Is that an electric bicycle you see? It is. Retrofitted with a beautiful Italian espresso machine? Okay. Is that a perfect cup of coffee? Well, you’ll be the judge of that.

Honest to Pete has a roastery located at Beaumont Studios—the building with a selfie-appropriate mural on West Fifth Avenue. The cafe is where Pete roasts his magic beans, ensuring each bean has been treated with the same love and attention as the next. 

It’s at the roasting lab where Retrospresso gets air roasted to perfection. The beans are treated with exceptional attention, getting them ready for brewing on the streets of Vancouver. You’re welcome to stop by the studio and taste the flavour. Or… you can keep an eye out for Honest to Pete because they’re coming to you on bikes.

E-bikes have become the forefront of urban mobility. According to Deloitte, e-bike sales increased by 73% in 2018, tracking the same, if not more, since the onset of the pandemic. 

Running a business on an e-bike means a sustainable, quick, and an efficient way to get around the city. And when Honest to Pete decided to incorporate e-bikes into their business model, it meant bringing their pride and joy—Retrospresso—directly to you.

The current fleet of e-bikes are equipped with Magister Espresso machines and grinders which are manufactured and imported from Italy. These classic and elegant machines are polished and consistent in their output, nodding to both the panache of Honest to Pete’s e-bikes and the taste of their coffee. But don’t get spooked by the pageantry of these e-bikes, because it's the humble beginnings and quality of the cup that is going to keep you coming back. 

Much like the name of the blend, operating a business on the back of an e-bike is the ultimate combination of retro-style and modern technology. You want a flat white? No problem. A latte? You got it. A good ol’ Americano made from Pete’s favourite blend? Absolutely. Business on an e-bike means Honest to Pete is serving you a fresh brew and incredible Vancouver views. 

Honest to Pete is coming to you on bikes. The coffee is consistent, their location is mobile.

*insert distant sounds of Ride of the Valkyries* 

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