Our Story

At Honest to Pete, we love coffee. Not just the liquid itself, but what it means in people’s lives. The way it plays a part in important moments, and ordinary ones.

Slow Sunday mornings, promising first dates, long-overdue catch ups with dear friends. Lingering after great dinners that no one wants to see end. Coffee bookends our days, waking us up in the morning and winding us down at night.

Those coffee-infused moments punctuate our founder Peter’s life too, starting way back when he was a kid surreptitiously sipping the leftover dregs after his parents’ dinner parties. He didn’t set out to start a coffee company. He just wanted a roast that reminded him of the coffee he first fell in love with: bold, unpretentious, familiar. He experimented with small roasters, then slightly bigger ones. He tried out green beans from one place, then from another. Eventually, he happened upon the taste he was after. The people in his life loved it too, and he wondered if he might be onto something. Peter’s perfectly nostalgic roast became Retrospresso, and his hobby evolved into an honest-to-goodness business. And here we are.

Today, we’re honoured to play a part, however small, in the everyday lives of coffee lovers like us.